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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

37th National Biennial Convention 2017
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Join us as we rejoice over two generous gifts.  A gift of $973.12 was recently received from the estate of Arline and Bernard Gumz.  Our Board of Directors has designated this gift be used toward our SWD LWML mite goal.  

Also received was a gift from Bethlehem Lutheran Church in Milwaukee for $1,500 in thanks to God for his marvelous provision for their congregation. The members of the congregation had been considering shutting their doors because of financial difficulties when the Lord blessed them with a very large bequest from one of their deceased members. They wanted to thank the Lord by remembering their commitment to Missions and have blessed us with this wonderful gift.  It will go into the mite fund to be divided between District (75%) and National (25%). 


We give all praise to the Lord for these gracious gifts.

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